Since Lucinda Sage-Midgorden was a child, she’s loved stories. They were a comfort as her family moved from one small Northwestern U.S. town to another. This love of stories was encouraged by her father who taught her to look at the deeper layers of character choices, and plot events.

Stories also influenced her educational choices. She has B.A. degrees in Religious Studies and Theatre and Speech, and holds Masters degrees in Theater Arts and Secondary Education.

She has worked with children and teenagers since she was a teenager herself. Her teaching career has revolved entirely around how stories affect us on deep levels and help us see ourselves and the world in new ways. She began teaching drama in public school after moving to Arizona in 1996. Later she taught English. After retiring from teaching public school, she switched to teaching theatre classes at her local community college. She sees stories as a gateway to understanding what it means to be a human being. What can be more important than that?

Lucinda lives in Southern Arizona with her husband. She writes novels, the Sage Woman Chronicles blog and she is the host of the Story~Power podcast.

Lucinda’s Projects


Lucinda has independently published two books, Scottosaurus The Little Dinosaur, which was originally a gift for her oldest nephew. It is illustrated by her husband Barry Midgorden and is a story of a little dinosaur, Scottosaurus, who gets lost and must find his way home.

She is also the author of The Space Between Time, a novel about two women, Jenna and Morgan, linked by blood but separated by time who must rebuild their lives.

Lucinda is currently working on the sequel novel, Time’s Echo in which Jenna and Morgan work for the rights of women in their respective time periods.


Lucinda began her blog, Sage Woman Chronicles, in 2013 as a way to improve her writing skills. Her posts are about a wide range of topics, but mostly center on the spiritual and creative aspects of her life but also sometimes address current events.


Lucinda had been thinking of creating a podcast in which she and her guests talked about all kinds of stories. She’d been listening to a favorite podcast about books, and others about movies, but she longed to open up the discussion to include stories in any kind of format that she and her guests might be feel compelled to talk about. When she was home during the Covid-19 pandemic, it seemed like the perfect time to create and launch this new aspect of her career. Her podcast, Story~Power, launched on August 5, 2020.

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