About Lucinda Sage-Midgorden

Lucinda at Mom'sSince I was a child the things that have been of interest to me are my spiritual life, creativity and enabling people to live their full potential. Because of those interests, my life has taken a circuitous route. I graduated with a degree in Religious Studies. Then, because I was married, and waiting for my husband to graduate, I added Theatre and Speech to my degree. After a few confusing years of trying to figure out how to be creative, and make a living, I quit working for someone else, and got my Masters of Arts in Theater Arts. I thought I was on my way, but theatre is a difficult profession. I realized that my marriage and family were more important to me than being an actress. I settled for teaching drama through parks and recreation departments, and later in public school.

Since creativity, spirituality and being of service have been tangled together, I’ve had some interesting experiences and struggles. In 1996 my husband and I sold our house, and took a three month trip circumnavigating the globe visiting friends, sacred sites, and seeing lots of artwork. That experience enriches my life to this day.

After returning, the struggle to make a living, and find my creative expression seemed to merge when I got a position teaching drama at the local high school. It was a glorious two years. Then it all came crashing down due to budgetary cut backs. Cutting the arts is a sore spot with me. Because the bills had to be paid, I got a job teaching English in a nearby town, and that’s when I rediscovered my passion for writing. After five years, I knew I had to make the leap, and do what I’d always wanted to do.

Now I’m doing what I love every day. Writing helps me concentrate on the three things I love the most, though in a slightly different order, creativity through writing, my spiritual life, and hopefully helping others find a way to fulfill their potential.

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