Movies Transport Us When We Need It Most

A bearded nerd from Iran in his mid 20’s, with a particular interest in the motion pictures as a hobby, career and general life. Has a very high opinion of Jeremy Irons, adores Westerns and Musicals and loves movies from the 1960s. Ali Khamseh YouTube Channel, LinkedIn, Instagram Hammer Film Production Ltd., Christopher Lee, PeterContinue reading “Movies Transport Us When We Need It Most”

Our Bodies Are the Least Interesting Thing About Us

Tara is a body freedom coach, a personal trainer, a speaker, a writer, a mom, and a wife. After spending most of her life trying to shrink her body and her voice, she is finally able to take up the space in the world that she has always been worthy of. She coaches women withContinue reading “Our Bodies Are the Least Interesting Thing About Us”

Dreams Do Come True, Eventually

I am an actor, artist, Singer and general crafter.  I am a fan of DnD, Shadowrun, LARP, Creative Writing and literature.  I am keen to discuss the ways that people and communities express themselves through performance and creativity.   I am also the host of Yorick Radio Productions.  The Harry Potter series, J. K. RowlingContinue reading “Dreams Do Come True, Eventually”

Great Deals, Dueling Writers, and More

Jim Markus hosts Frugal Living, a podcast for smart shoppers and savers. He works as an editor at Brad’s Deals, where he evaluates and negotiates deals for bargain hunters. Jim is also a writer, game developer, and event producer. He founded The Secret Society of Writing Duelists (and cofounded The Ink & Blood Dueling Society),Continue reading “Great Deals, Dueling Writers, and More”

Hanukkah Special

Moshe Mikanovsy visits Story~Power again to help us understand the Holiday of Hanukkah. In product management,  Moshe started his career on the engineering side, specifically within the enterprise real-time B2B software space. He fell in love with product management after seeing the gap that existed between what customers wanted and what engineering produced. Moshe enjoysContinue reading “Hanukkah Special”