The Turning Wheel of History

Heart Connection (by Alisa Looney)

“There really can be no peace without justice. There can be no justice without truth. And there can be no truth, unless someone rises up to tell you the truth.” ~ Louis Farrakhan

“Only love is real.” ~ A Course In Miracles

I wept this week when the verdict came in convicting Derek Chauvin of murdering George Floyd. This is just one in a line of cases over the last few years where the focus of the case was shifted from the failings of the victim to the actions of the perpetrator. The same thing happened when Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein were convicted of sexual assault. The victims did not deserve what happened to them no matter what their character was like. And now, finally, a white police officer is convicted of murdering a black man. These types of events, and too many others to name, are changing how we see ourselves and each other. 

Over the last few years the people who are at the bottom of society have begun to be seen and heard. It’s like humanity is waking up to the fact that we are all made out of star stuff, as Neil deGrass Tyson says. No one of us is better than any of the others.

This coming week my Story~Power interview with Pam Grout will air. I’ve read five of her books. All of her spiritual books and essays point out vital lessons she’s learned from years of studying A Course In Miracles, which is trying to help us see that the way we think the world works isn’t true at all. The truth is that we are all a little piece of the Divine. Everything that happens to us is for our good. But often we think that when “bad” things happen to us, we’re being punished. In reality, we get to choose our response. Will we learn from the challenges we face, or not? Einstein said something like, “We get to choose whether we live in a hostile or a friendly universe.”

Maybe humanity as a whole is beginning to turn away from the old paradigm of a hostile universe where the rich and powerful run the show and that the rest of us must be slaves to their whims. Maybe we are beginning to believe that we are worthy of living lives filled with love and joy and that’s why we are standing up and saying “We’re not going to take this any more”.

Some days I weep because we’ve taken three or four steps backwards and the poor and marginalized are kicked down again. And other days, like what happened this week, make me feel enormous hope. I have to admit, I didn’t know whether Chauvin would be convicted on all counts. I thought maybe the jury would wimp out. But when they didn’t, I felt it in my gut. It was another indication that we are slowly waking up and setting things right. We’re moving toward justice, peace, and love for one another.

This is something I always ask when I’m faced with challenges, “What am I supposed to be learning from this?” It’s my way of trying to view a difficult situation differently. I’m trying to take a step back from my myopic viewpoint and get a glimpse of how I can improve my life by letting go of old stuff, or of seeing things in a new way. I no longer believe I’m being punished. I know God is often viewed as vengeful, but I now know that’s not true. The Divine is loving and is trying to get us to love ourselves and each other. That’s why we’re faced with challenges on personal and collective levels.

Here’s another perspective about what is happening as ordinary people band together to stop the bullies. I’m a pacifist. I don’t believe in war so years ago when Neale Donald Walsch asked God, in his book Conversations With God, about his take on war, I was surprised by His answer. God told him that in some situations you have to stand up to the bully. For example, in the case of WW II, the world had to stand up and fight Hitler to save humanity. That’s what all these recent civil rights movements have been doing. Those people are standing up to the bullies. 

I’m grateful to all those who volunteered to push us toward love and away from hate and fear. And that goes for both sides of the situation. Everyone plays a role in helping us evolve. Being a Hitler is a very important spiritual role to play. I’m humbled by the courage of all those who volunteer to help us wake up and I’m excited to see where we go from here.

Welcome to my new followers. Thanks for reading, liking, and occasionally commenting on these posts.

Blessings for a joyous weekend.

Lucinda Sage-Midgorden © 2021

Lucinda is the author of The Space Between Time, an award finalist in the “Fiction: Fantasy” category of the 2017 Best Book Awards.

Have you ever experienced life shattering events? Yeah, most of us have. In The Space Between Time, Jenna Holden gets slammed by her fiancé walking out, her mother’s untimely death, and losing her job all in one week. But she receives unexpected help when she finds her three-times great-grandmother’s journals and begins the adventure of a lifetime.

The Space Between Time is available in all ebook formats at Smashwords and for Kindle at Amazon, or you can find the ebook at iBooks or Barnes and Noble. If you prefer a physical copy, you can find a print-on-demand version at Amazon. Stay tuned for news when the audiobook version is published.

Lucinda is also the host of Story-Power a new podcast where she and her guests discuss the stories in all formats that have changed their lives. It’s available here on Sage Woman Chronicles and on Apple, Google, and Spotify podcast apps. Please rate and leave a review. It helps people find me.


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