Subtle Feminism in Classic Movies

I have had the love of reading since 7th grade.  I would spend hours after school just reading and seeing myself in the stories I read. I read many different genres. I do not limit myself. As a Life Coach I have read many books from Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Marianne Williamson.

Subtle Feminism in Classic Movies

Actresses discussed

Bette Davis (1908 – 1989)

Ginger Rogers (1911 – 1995)

Rosalind Russell (1907 – 1976)

Katherine Hepburn (1907 – 2003)

Greer Garson (1904 – 1996)

Barbara Stanwyck (1907 – 1990)

Irene Dunne (1898 – 1990)

Movies Discussed

The Holiday (2006) Nancy Meyers, Director and Screenwriter

Now, Voyager – (1942) Irving Rapper, Director, Novel, Olive Higgins Prouty, Casey Robinson, Screenwriter

The Letter (1940) William Wyler, Director, Play, W. Somerset Maugham, Howard Koch, Screenwriter

Kitty Foyle (1940) Sam Wood, Director, Novel, Christopher Morley, Dalton Trumbo, Donald Ogden Stewart, Screenwriters

Tender Comrade (1943) Edward Dmytryk, Director, Dalton Trumbo, Screenwriter

Auntie Mame (1958) Morton DaCosta, Director, Novel, Patrick Dennis, Betty Comden, Adolph Green, Screenwriters

Pat and Mike (1952) George Cukor, Director, Ruth Gordon, Garson Kanin, Screenwriters

Woman of the Year (1942) George Stevens, Director, Ring Lardner, Jr., Michael Kanin, Screenwriters

Random Harvest (1942) Melvyn LeRoy, Director, Novel, James Hilton, Claudine West, George Froeschel, Arthur Wimperis, Screenwriters 

The Valley of Decision (1942) Tay Garnett, Novel, Marcia Davenport, John Meerhan, Sonya Levien, Screenwriters

My Reputation (1946) Curtis Bernhardt, Director, Catherine Turney, Clare Jaynes, Screenwriters

Stella Dallas (1937) King Vidor, Director, Novel, Olive Higgins Prouty, Sarah Y. Mason, Victor Heerman, Screenwriters

My Favorite Wife (1940) Garson Kanin, Director, Original story, Bella Spewack, Samuel Spewack, Leo McCarey, Bella Spewack, Samuel Spewack, Screenwriters

Theodora Goes Wild (1936) Richard Boleslawski, Director, Original story, Mary McCarthy, Sidney Buchman, Screenwriter

“Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic; they are ideally set up to understand stories.” ~ Roger C. Schank, Cognitive Scientist


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I grew up in the West, the descendant of people traveling by wagon train to a new life. Some of their determination and wanderlust became a part of me. I imagine them sitting around the campfire telling stories, which is why I became first a theatre artist, then a teacher and now a writer. They are all ways of telling stories.

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