Dream Messages

Tarantula Nebula

“Creativity is an intensely vulnerable gesture. All the risks and challenges are worth your efforts. This is a good time to go for it.” ~ Tarantula from spirit-animals.com

The other morning I had an extremely vivid dream just before waking. As a rule, my dreams are in black and white and are kind of a jumble. I don’t often remember them. So, if I have a vivid dream complete with colors and distinct images, I pay attention.

In this dream Barry and I were home, not the one we live in now. You know how dreams are. We were sitting on the couch and I had my feet up with a throw over them. I noticed several, maybe 10, tarantulas walking across the floor. I didn’t feel afraid, just curious and said to Barry, “How did all these tarantulas get into the house?” All I noticed before I woke up was how colorful they were. It was one of those dreams that make me go “hmmm”.

I tried to look up the spiritual significance of tarantulas that day, but didn’t find anything satisfactory. However a few days later I changed the wording of the search and found this site above, with a message that was exactly what I’d been feeling about my day to day work. 

I have lots of creative balls in the air right now and I had begun to feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of extra social media posts I felt I needed to do. There was a part of me that said, “There is no need to tire myself out. All I need to do is one or two tasks a day. That will be like planting seeds.” And then I had the tarantula dream. The message of tarantula is to trust and allow things to unfold in their own good time. It was a confirmation that The Universe has my back and that I’ll receive guidance when it’s time to do something new. 

That made me feel better because when I’ve taken marketing and promotion courses, the mantra is always the same. You have to work hard to let people know what you’re working on. It’s all about push, push, push. Now, I really know nothing about marketing, but there is just something about that idea that always felt wrong to me. It just seemed like that left very little time for being creative. If felt like there has to be a better way. 

Even though I don’t want to spend hours marketing my work on social media, I do have a different mindset about self-promotion. It looks more like making meaningful connections with people. I love talking about the things I’m creating and I like hearing about what other people are doing too. If I can help them spread the word about their work, I hope they will do the same for me, and hopefully we’ll become friends along the way. That’s my approach now, to develop relationships with past podcast guests and fellow creatives I meet through social media and trust that The Universe will take care of the rest. To that end, I think I’ll take a rest today.

It’s beautiful Saturday here in Southern Arizona. We’ve had some much needed rain this past week. Today is mostly sunny which always brightens my mood.

I hope you are doing well and able to find time to be creative.


Lucinda Sage-Midgorden © 2023

The Space Between Time

Lucinda is the author of The Space Between Time, an award finalist in the “Fiction: Fantasy” category of the 2017 Best Book Awards.

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I grew up in the West, the descendant of people traveling by wagon train to a new life. Some of their determination and wanderlust became a part of me. I imagine them sitting around the campfire telling stories, which is why I became first a theatre artist, then a teacher and now a writer. They are all ways of telling stories.

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