If a Blind Man Can Do it, What’s Your Excuse?

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Maxwell Ivey grew up in a family of carnival owners. He started losing his vision to retinitis pigmentosa at an early age becoming legally blind by junior high school and totally blind by the time he graduated from college. He did graduate from traditional schools, achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, and worked in the family business until his dad’s death forced the closure of their small show. Needing something new he started helping people sell surplus rides. He had to learn so much including how to hand code html, recruit clients, set fees, build an email list, manage social media, and more. People were inspired by his willingness to take on difficult challenges and encouraged him to share more about being a blind entrepreneur. That led to a second site as the blind blogger, with three books out so far and a fourth due any time. He’s promoted himself through podcast interviews appearing on over 200 shows as well as public speaking where he has shared his inspiring story with local organizations and national conferences. He helps other creative entrepreneurs grow their brands through online interviews. He loves to sing, travel, and find new adventures. If you have questions, just ask. 

Max’s Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, his podcast: What’s Your Excuse? See his website for information about his books and speaking engagements. (First book: Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light.)

Midwaymarketplace.com, the place to purchase carnival equipment.

wyexcuse.com, podcast website

InVision all-in-one online collaborative whiteboard

“Better Together”, Luke Combs on the album, What You See is What You Get, Amazon Music

“The River”, Garth Brooks

“I Will Always Love You”, written by Dolly Parton, performed by Whitney Houston in the movie, The Bodyguard (1992)

Leap to Shine, “Enabling Quality Education for Underserved Children”

Maura Sweeney, The Ambassador of Happiness

Yoda Quote: “There is no big or small. There only is.”

Dave Jackson: School of Podcasting on Apple podcast

Cochise College, Cochise County, Arizona

Tom Sullivan, musician, actor, writer, music department

“Humans are not set up to understand logic; they are set up to understand stories.” ~ Roger C. Schank, Cognitive Scientist


This episode is brought to you by PodMatch, the dating service for podcasters. They introduced me to Max Ivey, and I’m so glad they did. I hope you’ve enjoyed our conversation and remember that if you have a podcast or something to share with the world, check out PodMatch at my affiliate link at PodMatch and tell them Lucinda sent you.


I’m so passionate about stories that I created the Story-Power podcast and Patreon communities so I’d have an excuse to talk story with other story lovers. If you’re passionate about stories too, and want to talk about what you’ve learned from your favorites, come join me at patreon.com/StoryPower.

Saving the World One Story at a Time, Course on Ûdemy

The world is in such chaos right now that sometimes we need to get a perspective on what’s happening. I designed this course on Ûdemy for people who are looking for a way to get a better understanding about what it means to be a human being. Stories are one great way to walk in the shoes of the characters, connect with them emotionally and learn from their mistakes. Then taking what you have learned and use it in the real world. It’s learning in a fun way! If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, I hope to see you in class.

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