I Know! I’m a Month Early

This post contains affiliate links. I know it’s Mother’s Day, and I love my mother very much and hope she has a great day. We don’t live in the same city, but I will be calling her for a chat. Even in spite of the day, lately I’ve been thinking about my Dad. I missContinue reading “I Know! I’m a Month Early”

Caught in a Whirlwind

This post contains affiliate links. “I’m a big believer in keeping a certain balance between the whirlwind that life can feel like sometimes, and slowing down and doing things that really make me feel alive.” ~ Brandi Cyrus For the last two weeks I’ve felt like I was caught in a whirlwind. First a familyContinue reading “Caught in a Whirlwind”

Stories That Relate to Us

This post contains affiliate links for PodMatch and my Patreon Community. Hi there! My name is Phil Strangolagalli. I am the author of “Jesus Loves Movies” an independently published book that uses movies to help people out in life. I’ve had the honor of my book being in over 500+ Barnes and Noble stores, Target,Continue reading “Stories That Relate to Us”

Every Person’s Story is Interesting

Justin Lamb is a successful podcast host, musician, and future therapist. Over the years, he has shifted his passions from music to the mind. He as an advocate for sobriety, therapy, and trauma research. Justin shifted his professional focus in his mid-thirties to become a therapist and transform his passion for items into a career.Continue reading “Every Person’s Story is Interesting”

Imposter Syndrome

“You’ll be amazed how much you have in common with Edith Wharton (who struggled to feel worthy of success), Louisa May Alcott (who badly needed money), Madeleine L’Engle (Who could have papered an entire house with her rejection letters), and other writers …” ~ Nava Atlas, The Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Writing Life “IContinue reading “Imposter Syndrome”