High Holy Days

Daffodils serenading the sun.

“For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life.” ~ William Blake

I don’t attend church any longer but early spring is the time of holy holidays and that energy still affects me. 

This year I want to state something that came to me some years back during one of my meditations or contemplations. In the Christian tradition there is the theory, or doctrine that Jesus Christ will appear again one day. There might be similar ideas in other religions. The idea of a Holy Being, or even a king like Arthur, who will come back to help humanity evolve and set things right is a part of lots of myths and legends. 

What I heard in my head during meditation on that day was that the Second Coming wasn’t the coming of the person of Jesus Christ, but rather the awakening of humanity to the Holy Energy within each us; that as humanity turns away from pain and suffering as the accepted reality and turns toward love and joy as reality, we birth that Divine Energy onto the planet.

That sounds really far fetched. It sounds impossible and intellectual. But here’s how it has been playing out for me. 

Years ago I heard Louise Hay talk about a technique she used to heal herself of cancer. She called this technique “the mirror exercise”. She looked into her eyes in a mirror and told herself that she loved herself. She did it every day until she began to really feel and believe it. My reaction at the time was, “Well, that’s nice for her, but I can’t do that.” Just the thought of doing that made me feel resistant.

Yet a few months ago my life had changed and I decided to try the mirror exercise. I wasn’t sure it would work. At first it felt like I was betraying all I’d been taught about how I should see myself. What I was taught was that I should put myself last in all situations. That to live a holy life, I needed to sacrifice myself for others. Over the years of study and work on myself, I realized that’s not true at all. What appears to be sacrifice by some is really those people following their passion. They’re acting from a place of deep love, and that love begins with loving themselves. 

So, I thought, “What the hooey. I’ll give this a shot and see what happens.” Little by little as I looked myself in the eyes in the mirror, I did feel shifts in my feelings about myself. I started to feel lighter and more relaxed. I realized that I don’t have to buy into the whole idea that we’re here to suffer with only sporadic moments of joy. I can have all of my dreams come true because those dreams are the reason I’m here. I’m meant to do the work I love and have a good effect on others as a result. I’m finally fully understanding that each and every person, even the ones who look like they are evil on the outside, have a lovely and precious soul. I have to admit, I fall backwards on that last one often. Then I remember, Oh yeah, their soul is precious and they are fulfilling their purpose.

I have begun to truly embrace the idea that only love is real and everything else is an illusion. And something else that has come to me over and over again throughout the years. I’m a puny human being and can’t possibly understand the vastness of what’s actually going on in the Cosmos and that’s okay. I’m just one star in the heavens. I can’t see the whole picture from my vantage point. I just need to play my part.

One thing has happened since I started my mirror exercises. For the last week or so, I wake up with the song “I Like Life” in my head. It’s from the musical Scrooge (1970) with Albert Finney playing Scrooge. When the song is introduced in the movie, the Ghost of Christmas Present is trying to teach Scooge that if he loves life, life will love him back. Scrooge doesn’t get it, of course, until the end of the story, but what a great song! I have decided that to love life is to love myself.

I hope you have blessed Holy celebrations or at the very least enjoy the change of seasons.

I have a special treat coming on Story~Power on April 28th. I’ll be chatting with Pam Grout one of the many wonderful spiritual teachers of our time. I hope you will take time to listen. The April 14th episode isn’t half bad either. I had a fun, and long conversation with a former student, Scott Hamilton, who is a budding screenwriter and film maker. 

I love doing Story~Power and am looking for more guests to fill out my roster of shows for the year. If you’ve got stories you want to talk about and want to be my guest, use the “Contact” tab to send me a message so we can set up a chat.

Welcome to my new followers and thanks to my old ones. I appreciate your likes, and occasional comments.

Lucinda Sage-Midgorden ©2021

Lucinda is the author of The Space Between Time, an award finalist in the “Fiction: Fantasy” category of the 2017 Best Book Awards.

Have you ever experienced life shattering events? Yeah, most of us have. In The Space Between Time, Jenna Holden gets slammed by her fiancé walking out, her mother’s untimely death, and losing her job all in one week. But she receives unexpected help when she finds her three-times great-grandmother’s journals and begins the adventure of a lifetime.

The Space Between Time is available in all ebook formats at Smashwords and for Kindle at Amazon, or you can find the ebook at iBooks or Barnes and Noble. If you prefer a physical copy, you can find a print-on-demand version at Amazon. Stay tuned for news when the audiobook version is published.

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