Rethinking Prayer

Chapel of the Red Rocks

“Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: love, prayer, and forgiveness.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I grew up going to church every Sunday. That’s one way I learned to pray. Lately I’ve been rethinking my entire belief system and this week I was reminded that maybe I need to relook at how I pray.

On one of Amanda Ellis’ short videos on Instagram this week, she mentioned the horrific toll the virus is having on the Brazilian population. She was reminding us to pray for them and their highest good in that terrible situation. I prayed and then I was thinking, “I don’t pay attention to the news anymore. I still feel so shell shocked from the constant news cycle barrage of the last few years that I don’t want to pay attention anymore.” So, I was unaware of the crisis going on in Brazil and barely conscious of other crises going on in the world. When she asked us to pray for those people so far away, I felt like I had let those people down because I wanted to detach from the drama. I also vowed to pay closer attention to the news so I can be aware of places in the world that need me to gather with others in prayer.

After that morning, I was thinking about how my prayers have changed. I used to pray using words. They were mostly selfish prayers asking for things, or healing for myself, or my family and friends. But as I’ve matured the nature of how and who I pray for has changed.

I read Gregg Braden’s books. He’s a scientist who’s focus is on the link between science and spirituality. His study of ancient spiritual traditions has uncovered a better way to pray. He learned that for prayer to be most effective, it’s best to use our emotions as the vehicle for our prayers. In other words we need to pray from our hearts. Since I learned this, that’s what I’ve been doing. I may use words to state my intention that my prayers go for the highest good of all, but then I just tune into the love in my heart and let the energy flow to the people or situation I’m focusing on.

I know that some people think that sending prayers when there is a crisis is a cop out, but I have found that not to be true. If I can pray and take action, I do. But I don’t always feel spirit guiding me to take physical action. So I pray. I believe that my prayers added to those of millions of others helps miracles happen. They may not happen this instant, but every little bit helps and eventually things will change in those hot spots around the world.

This morning as I was doing my Oprah/Deepak meditation, the centering thought for today was: “I want a ‘yes’ that’s good for everyone”. And it occurred to me that I want that as my centering thought everyday from now on. I want everyone to win, to have a happy, fulfilled life. I can pray for that and maybe eventually it will become a reality.

It is/has taken me lots of years to give up the need to protect myself and truly hope and pray for the good of all people. I forget often and give into despair. Certain people push my buttons and I forget that we’re all here to do something specific, that I can’t see the bigger picture of where humanity is headed. I forget to understand that maybe the people I think of as despicable might be helping humanity grow in some unforeseen way. And I like to turn a blind eye to the fact that I can be just as despicable, hateful, and judgmental as anyone else. I know I’ll get caught up in the drama from time-to-time and forget to pray. But it’s my intention to be honest about my own failings and to become a more mature and effective pray-er. I also have to remember to focus on hope for our future.

I pray that things in your world are going well, but if not, I’ll send prayers for you if you ask.

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